22 December, 2011

At least this is musically related.

To the left, you'll see video of Jon Huntsman - former Republican governor of Utah, former US ambassador to Singapore, former US ambassador to China, and current candidate for the Republican nomination for 2012 presidential candidacy - on The Late Show with David Letterman last night.
Now I know it's kind of strange to see a Republican in these here parts because I make blanket assumptions of all Republicans based on the few shitty apples that hog all the screen time on TV and regurgitate my distrust and disgust here because it's my blog goddamnit and I'll say any damned thing I want.
But I have nothing else musically related for the day so I decided to post this video. I then Wikipedia'd Huntsman (You didn't think I knew all those credits of his off the top of my head, did you?) and found that, yes, I know it's Wikipedia, homeboy dropped out of high school so he could become a rock star. Ballsy. Even I didn't entertain the idea of dropping out of high school to pursue being a rock star (I thought about dropping out because I sucked at physics and couldn't see the sense in learning something I would never use). Huntsman apparently just got his GED and said, "Fuck all y'all!" (Yes, he would later go to college.)
So, he's a high school drop out and a Mormon. His chances at presidency are pretty slim. Consider that we've never had a Mormon president and Romney's not looking too hot, either.
What I'm thinking is that if this political horse shit doesn't work out for Jon-Boy, he ought to consider starting a jazz trio with Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton. Come on, piano, bass, sax? That's the making for a jazz band, right there. Now if only there was a politician who played the drums...
I would see that band.

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