19 November, 2011

Tonight's dinner.

Chicken sausage discs on spaghetti with red pepper sauce.
Little John left me a chicken sausage before departing back to sunny Cali. (And Little John, fuck you. It's snowing here already. You cunt.) So with nothing else in mind for dinner, I set about whisking something up on the fly.
I had perhaps half a serving of spaghetti left, and so used that as a bed.
The red pepper sauce consisted of red bell pepper and the last of my fresno pepper, a snappy little number that looks somewhere between the Chili's logo and an irritated pony penis. To this I added a wee bit of roma tomato, some red onion, a clove of garlic, and some fresh oregano and rosemary. (I'm making either chicken parmigiano or chicken cacciatore tomorrow night and wanted to stay away from basil and thyme so that I wasn't more or less eating the same thing twice.) I minced these all together and gave them a quick sauteƩ in olive oil with crushed black pepper and sea salt to bring out the flavor and make the flavor gel a little.
The sausage I cut into little discs and fried in a pan off to the side.

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