10 November, 2011

It's a wild world...

OK, so before we begin our little exercise in compare and contrast, I want to note two things, both of which are the record covers depicted in these videos. (Hey, I'm a stickler for such things, sue me.) First of all, Cat Stevens' "Wild World" appeared on Tea for the Tillerman, but the YouTube video with the appropriate cover featured a link in the video to some sleazy illegal download club or something. Secondly, the person who put together the video for the Birthday Party's "Wild World" in correctly identifies the song as appearing on Mutiny! when it actually appeared on The Bad Seed (which is understandable; those two records were merged as one and - so far as I know - used only Mutiny!'s cover art) (though that's no excuse for not reading the liner notes). You may proceed.
Cat Stevens' "Wild World" from 1970's Tea for the Tillerman.
The Birthday Party's "Wild World" from 1983's The Bad Seed.
In case you couldn't tell, I've got nothing, this morning. Unless you really want to hear about how I spent a half hour cooking a sweet-hot southwestern chicken and tater dish last night only to watch it fall on the floor.

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