11 November, 2011

It's Friday: Let's Bomb Miserably Due to Lack of Anything to Say!

ARTICLE 1: It's a half past one and I'm finally getting around to today's post. I don't have anyone to piss off, I have nothing to shoot for; it's my second double shift in a row before Little John comes out here tomorrow. That, I'm sure, means nothing to you but to the general vicinity of south Nicollet Ave from the liquor store to the Black Forest, it means... What does it mean, exactly? I'm having a hard time figuring that out. That and it's autumn here. We had flurries a few nights ago. Women are not here in abundance right now save for Sparklemotion...
... which is actually some Native American Teenage Women in Science thing but I call all teenage girl conferences Sparklemotion because I am an insensitive douche like that. So you get me: Little John and I will not be out carousing with ladies on the patio. Well, I might. Little John complains too much about the cold. Well, really he just kind of freaked the one time there was a weather report for snow back in April. That didn't sit well with him despite repeated assurances that we would not get three to four inches of snow that day. What do you want? The guy's from California.

ARTICLE 2: Some guy just called. Wanted to know how far we are from the Amtrak.
I tell him, The Amtrak's in St. Paul.
"What's that?"
The Amtrak's in St. Paul.
"Oh... and you're in..."
"OK, and that..."
Is an entirely different city.
"So, should I get the train to Minneapolis?"
There is no Amtrak in Minneapolis, sir. It's in St. Paul.
"Oh. OK."
Yep, have a good one.

ARTICLE 3: Some beautiful bastard not only set Reel Big Fish's ska/bebop rendition of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf" to clips of Lupin III, but actually did a fairly good job of synching up the mouths to match the opening dialog and occasionally some lyrics. Check it:

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