10 November, 2011

I swear to damn, every time I come up with a move, somebody has to get in their time machine and do it before I did to make it look like I ripped them off.

Case in point, here's KRAKOA playing the Quadruple Double Deuce on 9 March, 2007. Note that I am presenting J-Do with the guitar during "Skin the Zipper" (off of Over that wall, the orchard is on fire) so that he could hit the strings while I continued to fret them because that was our goddamned move. Our move. We invented that shit.
And then what happens? Two guys, who were probably at that show for all I know, named Bobby Haggart and Ray Bauduc hopped into their time machine, went back to 1938, started a band called the Bobcats and recorded a song called "Big Noise from Winnetka". Watch them steal our move.
I swear, I need to buy a time machine.

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