17 November, 2011

Adventures in Internet Dating! (Part Deux)

So, I'm chugging along, checking out ladies when I come across this dazzling young hipsterette who chose only one photo to upload and made sure it was the one that shows off the goods. Naturally, I'm a little turned oooImean intrigued, so I look at her stats and look at our common interests and all that. Beneath this photo, I present to you how we each answered one particular question.
Possible captions include:
  • Oddly enough, that turns me on even more.
  • To quote Little John: Bitches are dirty.
  • Seriously, the second thing I thought of was that time that Madonna asked David Letterman if he peed in the shower because the ammonia in the urine was good for killing bacteria on the feet.
You pick.


  1. bacteria, soap works for that shit too you know. i guess any excuse for a golden shower is a good one right? take her ass to court jazz hands...
    thanks for the nod,
    Little John

  2. Oh, Jesus... Bitches are dirty. I miss your short-ass, man. Can't wait to see in January.


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