05 October, 2011

You know that one song that's in every wedding scene in every movie ever?

Well, now you have a name to attach to your love/hate relationship with that song. Unless you already knew that it was Spandau Ballet. I didn't know it was Spandau Ballet. In fact, I had never heard this song all the way through; just the part that goes "ah-ha-ha-HAAAAAA-ah-ha I know this much is true".
You know that I didn't even know that this thing had a scmaltzy key change and sax solo performed by some guy who looks like an 80s teen movie villain?
Also noteworthy? Check the chintzy-looking hexagonal electro-drums at 1:43. In fact, if you jump to 4:57, you'll see homeboy's using a real snare and real cymbals. Also? He's rocking the double kick. The double kick. For this song. RRRiiiggghhhttt...
Lastly, there's something completely unsettling about having to look at the lead singer up close like that. He looks and sounds like a lounge singer but with a real kind of fratty kind of stealthy-sleazy kind of vibe. Just kind of. Like I imagine this guy's name is Rick, he drives a Trans Am, he has an affinity for eleven dollar six packs, and he's here on a jai alai scholarship. Like that's him.
(Actually, his name is Tony and, years after having left Spandau Ballet, he was the host of Friday Night Virgin Party Classics and Saturday Night Virgin Party Classics which sounds wwwaaayyy sleazier even though it totally isn't.)

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