06 October, 2011

This probably isn't the shittiest post of 2011 but it still feels like it.

OK, if anyone has a line on getting me a print of ← that? Hook me up. That belongs in my house somewhere. Unfortunately, the one I found (number 96-07 at Coop's site) is US$475 and I am not a US$475 having boy.
So. Let's see... I'm supposed to put my fingers to the keyboard and let fly a volley of my unquestionable, unrehearsed genius, is that it? Never mind that the expiration date on the eggs in the fridge is today and I'm wondering if I can make an omelette or not.
I can write about Steve Jobs taking a dirt nap but I really don't care because the guy was a cunt.
I can write about Occupy Wall Street but what could I say? Oh, hey, I agree with you guys but, no, I can't join in the hijinks because I have a job to be at. [impotently raises fist] There in spirit!
I can write about... Nope. Nope. You know that there's a two month moratorium on the relating of all carnal conquests around these parts.
Huh. Isn't there anything musically related?
Goddamn, it's shaping up to be a slow one, isn't it?
Oh, I know! How about this? Below, you will find two videos for exactly the same song: Duran Duran's 1981 ode to - I don't know, something, "Girls on Film".
On the left, we will place the completely uncensored (here meaning "titties and see-through shirts" and hence probably [as in definitely] NSFW*) version. Please note that it's a bit over six minutes and sounds strikingly different from the version that we all know and love (Right?) that will be featured on the right. The object? Well, while we know that it is exactly the same song, the uncensored version does away with the signature guitar line in favor of a more subdued synth approach (so as not to upset the bevy of titties that were in the room, I suppose). However, the one we all know and love (Right?) absconds with the titties and see-through shirts. So, the question is: Would you rather have titties in see-through shirts or do you prefer to hear the song the way it's supposed to be heard with that catchy goddamned guitar part?
Your reaction to the ample amounts of 80s hair may factor into your response.

* Then again, I'm at work right now and I'm watching it. Hell, I watched Une Vraie Jeune Fille in the office last week.

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