29 October, 2011

This post so doesn't need to be here.

The adventures, mon petit illiterati, they are slow to come. Yet, I still have old adventures to tell you about that I never did but those... those will have to wait before being publicized.
Nothing new on the KRAKOA front, for now. Getting anxious for recording season to begin; we've had a freak October what with the Indian summer and the multiple conventions occurring this month. Currently out on the patio, it's 65°F right now.
I could tell you about how I went grocery shopping and saw my check out girl, the one I'm not sure is even legal yet but is totally cute. But what am I to do? Ask her out for a beer to find out she only just barely got her driver's license? Fuck that. Going to play it safe and not do a damned thing (beside queuing in her line, of course, like I said: she's cute) (and, yes, I'm aware that makes me a creepy thirty year old man checking out a girl of questionable age) (like I'm Woody Allen over here all of a sudden) (all on some To Catch a Predator shit) (like an idiot). It's like a tweet I tweeted a few weeks ago: Have sex with someone who wasn't alive back when The Love Boat was on TV. That's a bit, um, yeah. Though, hey, full disclosure, the youngest girl I'll date on my online dating profile is set for the half-my-age-plus-seven rule, thus being twenty two.
But I didn't really do anything worth posting about today, no.
Shit, an annoying guest just pulled up. I've got to look preoccupied.

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