15 October, 2011

There's no jumping in the town square!

So, this is news to me, you know, considering Gilmore Girls went off the air four years ago and, uh, that I never watched it even though I wanted to because I totally wanted to do things to Lauren Graham back in the day but I couldn't bring myself to actually immerse myself in the plot or anything and so after watching maybe five minutes of one episode back in maybe 2003 and finding nothing too spank-worthy I probably just turned off the TV and went outside or something.
Who am I kidding? I probably just cracked another beer, turned on some hardcore pornography, and got the job done. Like a fucking man does.
ANYhoo, had I watched this series with any regularity, I would've probably seen the footage to the left of Thurston Moore (guitar) and Kim Gordon (vocal) (from Sonic Youth for you uncultured philistines) with their daughter Coco (bass) tearing things up in Stars Hollow, Connecticut - the most in need of a tearing up town in the history of predominantly old-money white-people New England towns.

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