18 October, 2011

Strippers? Check. Zombies? Check.

The above title should not lead the reader to think that I'm late to the party on Zombie Strippers. I was on time with that one.
Don't ask me how I came across the gem to your left. Just understand and accept that it has been found. Just go with it. It's a little number called Kyonyū Dragon*: Onsen Zombies vs. Stripper 5, aka Big Tits Zombie: Deadly DD Cups starring Sola Aoi, a popular Japanese AV Idol.**
OK, all together now: You can't put a movie like this in front of me and expect to not watch it!
I mean, watch the trailer. Seriously, watch that thing. Even the trailer is worth your time. Hell, the trailer is quotable. I'm seriously going to walk around today quoting it.*** I would quote it here but I don't want to spoil it for you. Yeah, I said it: I could spoil the trailer. When was the last time you came across a trailer that could be spoiled?

* "Kyonyū" apparently translates to "big tits". A quick check with Google Translate brings back "busty" or "huge breasts", so... yeah.
** It's important to note that in Japan, "AV idol" means "porno starlet".
*** In looking for other quotable trailers, I happened to remember "Sound the trumpets. Raise the draw bridge. Drop the Oldsmobile" and "They live. They breathe. They suck."

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