04 October, 2011

Statistically speaking, I'm into...

Ah, witness, to your left, mon petit illiterati, a genre tag cloud built from my listening habits lately (here meaning when I put iTunes on random while I sleep.
Now, I should probably address a few things. First of all, the elephant in the room: The word "rockabilly" in the lower left hand corner... Yeah yeah yeah. That's because I have Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, and Link Wray in my library. And you see, that shit's allowable because we're not dealing with any of that revivalist bullshit here, after all, none of those guys thought they were playing rockabilly; Johnny thought he was playing country and Buddy and Link were playing rock and roll. Some other pisser called them rockabilly.
In the lower right hand corner, you'll notice the word "chansonrap". That's actually two words. I'm going to go ahead and assume you already know what rap is. Chanson, though, I'm not going to sit here and try to tell you that I know what that shit is like I'm Billy Badass over here, no, I had to Wikipedia that. Turns out it's a type of French song style and is where we derive the word "chanteuse" from.
Industrial? I can explain that one: Big Black gets lumped into industrial by the misinformed on the reg just because they used a drum machine, and then you have Stockhausen's sojourns into music concreté and Throbbing Gristle being noted pioneers of the genre.
Apparently, I guess I'm into horror punk because I listen to the Misfits. Also? Apparently, I'm not only into emo but 90s emo (we've been over before how emo and goth weren't always dirty words), and so if I listen to any emo, it's probably the Dahlia Seed. And then we have a real oddball one with the tag for sound effects. I can assure you that I don't sit around and listen to sound effects records. Even stranger than that is the tag for "underrated". Last I checked, "underrated" was not a genre, it was just something bands were when they didn't get the appreciation they deserved.
Anyhoo, I really don't have anything else. I just like how punk is the biggest word on there.

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