04 October, 2011

My "What the fuck!?" moment of the week.

I read Cracked on occasion. I watch the videos; they're entertaining. The gal in the Cracked After-Hours videos? That's Katie Willert; she recently started up her own video series, The Katie Willert Video Experience (get into it now while they're still only three episodes in). Anyhoo, in the course of Googling around to look and see if there were any more of Ms. Willert's videos, I stumbled across a blog. A kind of ooky blog. Like a really kind of makes me uncomfortable blog and I mean, I tossed my first salad last weekend and this blog makes me uncomfortable. It's called Willert Feet Fans. Now, the guy may label his first post as "Katie Willert foot fetish parody blog" but I'm not buying that it's a parody. I'm feeling kind of... ugh.

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