01 October, 2011

How do we begin October? By attending the MN Record Show 2011

I picked up the flier at the liquor store and figured, What the hey? It was on my day off and there'd probably be some cool stuff. So I headed down to the VFW in Lyn-Lake and paid two beans at the door so some old blue hair could mark my hand and let me in. I looked around for a while finding nothing until I happened upon a table with a sealed The Process of Weeding Out. Alas, it was twenty beans and I was not a twenty bean having boy. However, the guy did have a copy of the Ramones' "Carbona Not Glue" (one out of a limited pressing of five hundred, Sub Pop serial number SP 666 - fucking awesome) and Donnas 45 that I thought about for a minute but then didn't go for. After all, I was able to snag "I Love a Man in Uniform" for a fucking buck at a different kiosk and then the Cure's Disintegration for two. But the pièce de résistance, the coup de grâce, the one that you have to say in French, is a record I picked up for a buck fifty: Boys Want Sex in the Morning. Come on, you can't put a record called Boys Want Sex in the Morning in front of me with a dollar fifty price tag on it and expect me not to buy it. That's insane.

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