27 October, 2011

Last night's dinner.

That's a porkchop.
First, I set about stirring together some honey and Worcestershire and set that aside while I heated olive oil in a pan with some sea salt and black pepper. I then dipped the chop in the bowl with the honey and Worcestershire, getting a good, thick coating on both sides. Satisfied with the coating, I put the chop in the pan with the lid on and turned the heat to low. After maybe ten, fifteen minutes, I turned the chop while I worked on frying up my tater slices - unadorned aside from, everybody now, Old Bay Seasoning - and fixing up a simple salad of spinach, tomato, and celery.
Toward the end of the chop fry, I threw in some onion and carrot slices. Honestly, these could've gone in sooner with how low I was keeping the heat; it was more of a slow steaming than out and out frying, therefore the oil was more or less there for a bit of flavoring, to dilute the sugar in the honey (thus preventing it from caramelizing on to the pan), and to keep the chop from adhering to the pan's surface, but not necessarily for straight up frying the shit out of anything. Thus the vegetables were cooked (not blackened, which is what I call them after I burn them) but still on the rare side.
And then, wouldn't you know it? I got a message from a cute girl last night. (I'm trying internet dating again, even though I know better.) Turns out she's a vegetarian.
Oh, of all the lotten rucking fuck.

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