15 October, 2011

Just a thought.

Would it be wrong if I had a completely female rhythm section? Would I look too much like Robert Palmer or some shit like that? How come - stick with me, now - you get to see bands with a female guitarist and vocalist and then a male rhythm section? Or - even more prevalent - the band full of guys with the lady-bassist? Would it be weird if I found a lady who could play bass and a lady who played drums and I played guitar and sang? You don't see that too often but is that because there's a reason for that? I don't want them to dress all "sexy" and shit, I don't want to objectify them or anything, I'm just saying: I'm a guy. I'm a guy who plays guitar and caterwauls. But what if the other two members of my band were both women?
I do not think I make particularly "male" music; I think I make music that's... well, I make weirdo music, I guess. But you never see a guy fronting a power trio and then two women backing him. Yet, nobody would bat an eye at a female fronted band with a guy rhythm section.
I'm not saying, Hey, let me find some chick musicians! I'm just saying that the guy fronted -female backed band? Yeah, I haven't seen that.

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