14 October, 2011

I kind of want this t-shirt but I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger.

It's called something like "The San Francisco Shopping List" or something and it reads "Milk eggs cheese bread beer Tapatio". Tapatio, as you know, is my jam and the bonus? It's a closeout item, so it's US$12 (before S&H). How can I not buy this t-shirt?
Well, check the model, B. I'm kind of... yeah. Is this a unisex t? From the product description, it's a "fitted" t-shirt which affects the size but is it fitted to a woman's cut or what? (However, honestly, I'm sure you remember last March when I ran through my t-shirt collection and exposed a striking number of my ex's t-shirts in my collection. So I guess I can rock a woman's cut.)
Also? Never been to San Fran. Never thought to go. So I don't know if I could pull off a t-shirt called "San Francisco Shopping List" (even if that does look a lot like my shopping list).
But, yeah. I really just want a hot sauce t-shirt. I Googled "Tapatio t-shirt" and this was one of the results. I suppose if I had gone right to Tapatio's site, I could just buy an actual Tapatio t-shirt. But I hate the "distressed" look on t-shirts, you know? Only the graphic is worn out, not the rest of the shirt; you're not fooling anybody with that shit. That and I why in the fuck would I pay US$20 for a worn out ass t-shirt?

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