09 October, 2011

A few odds and ends.

Dropped the ball yesterday as far as posting goes but that's because yesterday was hectic as shit here in the real world where I don't owe anybody any fucking stories and I have to work on my day off because we got slammed yesterday and are presently at no vacancy for the first time since I started working here. So, yeah, I missed yesterday because I was talking to a cute blind girl in a Breeders t-shirt...

Sorry but I am legally obligated to display this video anytime I mention the Breeders.
I also failed to display last week's bar sketch.
Last week's...

One g&t.
This week's...

Two g&ts.
And then, at the end of the day, before hauling Carson's drunk ass to watch the zombie pub crawl (it was his idea) (and we agreed to never go there again), I lit a fire. That it looks like an anarchy symbol has not been lost on me.
And then I made dinner tonight.
Pork chop pan fried in olive oil with salt, pepper, and Old Bay...

Swear by it.
... then drizzled with honey and sprinkled with fresh thyme. Carrot slices were added at the end of the fry.
Black eyed peas with diced tomato, onion, and pablano pepper with honey and Tapatio...

Swear by it.

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