13 October, 2011

Classic post: 13 October, 2010.

I had a long one today. But then I read over it and it just seemed like shit that was completely unnecessary, so I'm kind of phoning it in today. George called in last night so I got stuck pulling an impromptu double shift and missing my Writers' Workshop. About all I accomplished yesterday was watching the first two seasons of Bored to Death. I mean, I really didn't get anything done. So, I'm phoning this one in and putting up the post I put up last year on this day...

This URL is dead but the article still showed up in my RSS feed.
I've been saying this for a long time now and it's about time somebody concurred with me.
I really do hate to reblog other people's work but, as the title says, the URL to this article is dead yet I could still yank it off of my RSS feed. So this is pretty much the only way I could share it with you. All attribution provided to guitarz.blogspot.com.

via Guitar Blog by noreply@blogger.com (battaolo) on 10/7/10


According to Rethink, a Canadian ad agency, "In 2009, more Guitar Hero guitars were sold than actual ones. We thought that was kinda crazy, so we created this poster campaign for Sparrow Guitars to remind people there's just no substitute for the real thing. Our tagline for the campaign? Stop playing games. Start playing guitar."
Not being a big fan of video games, I can't really comment on the actual joys of Guitar Hero (I've never even tried it) but as I'm a grumpy old cynic, I'm sure it's crap. So hear hear to Rethink and Sparrow Guitars.

Not entirely comfortable with the word Groupie and the word Mom (Mum to us limeys) in the same sentence though. Awlright Mum?

Awlright Dave in Barcelona innit.

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