29 September, 2011

You know, studio time isn't cheap. So when you book some time, you probably shouldn't squander it all by killing people. Especially not, you know, your band, the engineer, the intern...

So, apparently there's a horror movie set in a recording studio called Reverb. I think I might want to watch it, even though the prominence of the gear would probably be negligible.
Also? The trailer kind of looks 'meh'.
Again, we went over this earlier this summer when we established that I'm just not a fan of slasher flicks. I grew up watching all the old Universal Monsters played by guys with names like Bela and Boris and Lon. There were guys in supporting roles with names like Reginald Cornthropshire III in the movies I watched. My mother's idea of letting me watch "the hard stuff" consisted of picking up a few Hitchcock classics from the library. And so, I became a horror snob. (I told you the story before about how I didn't see Nightmare on Elm Street until I was fourteen and I laughed for about the first twenty minutes before I fell asleep. I've probably also mentioned somewhere in these hallowed halls that I consider Training Day to be straight up terrifying.)
Despite being a horror snob, I try to keep an open mind. Yeah, I totally bagged on Sick Girl but you can't say I went into it without an open mind. Hell, I wanted to like it. (I still think is Leslie Andrews is a stone fox.) I watched Sleepaway Camp because it's supposed to be a classic and I was just kind of OK with it. Dead Hooker in a Trunk? That one didn't count. Turns out it's a comedy.
So, now, some enterprising young up and comer is giving me a movie with the cinematography of Saw, a premise reminiscent of White Noise (aka that movie I always misidentify as Stir of Echoes), a few less than subtle nods to Memento (we were all thinking it), and he put it in a recording studio.
Yeah, I don't know how I feel about this.

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