08 September, 2011

Think of this as a warm up for tomorrow's piss off.

Bob Denver made a career out of playing two characters: Gilligan and maybe four other people. Think I'm joking? Of the twenty seven acting credits he holds after Gilligan's Island bit the dust in 1967, nine (⅓ or 33%) of those were Gilligan. To be fair, six (⅔ or 67%) of those were explicitly sequels or spin-offs from the eponymous series. The other three times he was Gilligan? A 1987 episode of The New Gidget, a 1992 episode of Baywatch, and whatever the fuck Meego is, he did a 1997 episode of that as Gilligan. Homeboy was sixty two years old and his last television role was the same bumbling, well-meaning sailor he played when he was twenty nine. Gee, Hollywood, typecast, much?
But Bob Denver, before being a first mate, was known for playing a few counter culture roles like beatniks (Maynard G. Krebs in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) and surf rats... which brings us to the musically related portion of today's post: Bob Denver as Kelp in the 1964 beach flick, For Those Who Think Young* singing the song "Ho Daddy! Surf's Up!"

* Fun fact: The unaired original 1964 pilot of Gilligan's Island starred Kitt Smythe as Ginger the secretary. When the series began later that same year, Tina Louise replaced Smythe and Ginger was now a movie star. In between the, say, rough draft and final revision of the show, Bob Denver (who played Gilligan from the get-go) was in For Those Who Think Young with, wait for it, Tina Louise. I'm going to just go ahead and call that quite the coinkidink.

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