03 September, 2011

So, I finally got around to watching Purple Rain.

And they left that in!
What? I've just never seen Purple Rain.
Let me tell you, this is a terrifically bad movie. Check the video to the right for the moment when the Kid (played by Prince, of course), I don't know, "thanks" Wendy for writing "Purple Rain". (I took the liberty of fast forwarding to the good part for you.)
Also consider Apollonia's cab ride from the Greyhound terminal to First Ave at the beginning of the movie...
The acting is pretty bad all the way through, aside from Morris Day and Jerome who are, yeah, just playing themselves but even Prince is essentially playing himself and he can't do it. How can you not play yourself? That's called "living".
But back to Morris Day and Jerome, those guys are bad assed in this movie and just cracked my shit up every time he came on the screen.
It's also interesting to note how sparse the early 80s Minneapolis skyline was (the movie came out in '84, so I'm assuming it was filmed in '83), consisting more or less of the IDS Center.

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