20 September, 2011

One I drew maybe four or more years ago.

There was a post from the old MSpac account that I reposted in the early days of SD&A three years, nine months, two weeks, five days ago about all the times that I thought I had really great ideas for comic books. There's one idea that I'm still in (kind of) love with and there have been many false starts since that post. I thought I would share some artwork I had. I hope you don't mind. You know, it being my blog and all.

The original pencil sketch. I think I may have done this on the clock at the cubicle farm.

This was one of my first few forays into Photoshop territory. I don't use Photoshop for anything but since it was on the office computer, I decided (during a time when I was sans-computer) to give it a whirl. All the "inking" and "coloring" were done in Photoshop but no other tools or tricks were used. I liked the burn tool where I could create gradients and shading in the colors, so now I understand the appeal, from an artist's standpoint, of digital colorization; it's actually really easy. I mean look at it; this is what a first-timer could pull off.

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