14 September, 2011

OK, I'm calling it: Jack White has lost all credibility.

I know what Jack White's doing. He's doing this so people will talk about him. He's doing this because he knows there's no such thing as bad publicity. He's doing this because he knows that even his haters will unwittingly help to fuel his hype machine. He's doing it because he also knows that ICP has, if not the most tone deaf and misguided legion of fans in the world, then certainly the most loyal and devoted fans who will buy up anything their beloved clowns put their name on.
That's right, I mentioned Jack White and ICP in the same paragraph. That's because they're collaborating with each other on song that basically pulls a riff from a Mozart song and and calling it "Leck Mich Im Arsch"; translated from German, it means "lick me in the ass". Stay classy, fellas.

Note: I would not have known about this if it weren't for this week's Weekly Waste.

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