15 September, 2011

Larry David, King of the Teen Girl Pop Set

To your right, you will find my new favorite thing: Somebody took a clip from season seven, episode four of Curb Your Enthusiasm and replaced the voice of Sammi - Jeff and Susie's daughter - coming through the wall with Rebecca Black's "Friday", effectively making Larry David the pop culture counter point we so desperately needed as a mouthpiece six months and a day ago.
However, this isn't the first time Larry David has had a run in of sorts with a teenage girl pop star. In fact, this could hardly count as one since this is a mash up.
You see, the one time Larry David was actually paired with a teenage girl pop star was when he appeared in the seventh episode of season two of Hannah Montana, "My Best Friend's Boyfriend". According to the article I had read (and bear in mind that I read it like two years and a different laptop ago), apparently Larry's daughters were fans of the Miley Cyrus and Larry pulled a few strings for them, thus landing him and his daughters cameo spots.
Also? It provided me with a desktop wallpaper:

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