07 September, 2011

Kielbasafest is back!

Here's the schedule from Kramarczuk's site...
  • Friday, 9 September: 1730CDT - Ukrainian Village Band | 1900CDT - Brass Barn Polka Band | 2030CDT - Stage Presentations & 30-foot Krakowska Sausage Unveiling | 2045CDT - Joey Ryan & the Inks
  • Saturday, 10 September: 1130CDT - Finn Hall | 1300CDT - Dolina Polish Folk Dancers | 1430CDT - Patty and the Buttons | 1600CDT - Mosaica | 1730CDT - Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble | 1900CDT - The Melismatics | 2030CDT - Stage Presentations & Potato Pierogi Eating Contest | 2045CDT - Rogue Valley
  • Sunday, 11 September: 1130CDT - Finn Hall | 1300CDT - Ukrainian Village Band | 1430CDT - Brass Barn Polka Band | 1600CDT - Stage Presentations & Kids’ Coloring Contest Winners Announced | 1615CDT - Koo Koo Kanga Roo
I have to work a double on Friday night, so I won't be making the opening night festivities (and it's a damned shame that a guy in a band named KRAKOA can't get his picture taken with a thirty foot long KRAKOWSKA sausage) and Sunday is when I normally do my whole bike ride and sketch book schtick (that and I looked into Koo Koo Kanga Roo - described on the schedule as "a combination between the Beastie Boys and Sesame Street" - aanndd I'm not into it) so Saturday looks to be my best bet. In fact, I saw the Melismatics at the roller derby a few years back... I remember not being into them either but it's been a while; maybe they do something I like now. As of right now, though, Patty and the Buttons is the band I'm most interested in seeing.
Also, check the menu. I can't remember last year's but, while I'm fairly certain that last year's focus was the kielbasa but not exclusively the kielbasa, this one strikes me as a bit more expansive. Though I wish they'd actually note which beers they'll have... There will certainly be Grain Belt (I think it's a law that no festival can go down in the Twin Cities without Grain Belt) but I'd like to know my options. If you list your sausages, list your beers, please. Soda pops, too, please. But now I'm just nitpicking. After all, it's the same deal as last year: Ten bucks gets me under the tent, puts a free stein in my hand,* fills it up the first time for free, and parks my caboose in front of live music.

* I still have my stein from last year.

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