24 September, 2011

I'm late today because I was recording. Finally.

Finally got some tracking done. It was kind of a now or never situation; I've been sitting on this song for about three weeks now and next weekend isn't an option; we're at capacity next weekend. Amps were giving me trouble, making popcorn maker noises. Tried switching outlets, tried hitting the Traynor's circuit breaker, tried changing cables. The popcorn noises just wouldn't go away. I only slightly alleviated the problem by turning the gain on the Traynor all the way down and kicking the volume up to eight to balance it with the Da Vinci (which was producing the same, though much quieter, problem). The result was passable and obviously much cleaner sounding but what sounded good to the ear came back wimpy on the playback. What's a home recording enthusiast to do? I figure that, when I get some free time, I'll spend some time with the tracks and try the old "fix it in the mix" routine which I know I won't be 100% happy with in the end even if I can pull it off. I know I ought to go back and retrack everything when the amps don't feel like fucking me in the arse but the last handful of recording sessions have gone so smoothly that I haven't really had to challenge myself with anything along the lines of "a shitty take". It'll be a good exercise, sure, but the end results won't make it to the final product. Maybe. We'll see what happens.
ANYway, I got out of bed this morning and hit the shower, skipping my exercises again. After a monster trek around Cedar Lake last week - entering downtown, leaving town, and exiting in midtown - I was painfully sore from my groin to my biceps and thus didn't do any exercising. The soreness was the worst on Monday and had subsided on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I was alright but lazy and Thursday and Friday I just said fuck it. Today? I knew I was going to be back on the bike.
I started off with a trip to Rainbow to grab some produce and some olive oil. Knowing I don't get enough leafy greens in my diet, I bought a bag of spinach. I'd have gotten lettuce but I can never get through an entire head before it starts going brown. That and lettuce is supposedly pretty devoid of nutrition the way my ex explained it once. And speaking of food recommendations from exes, Christine and I had a brief back and forth on Facebook regarding green bell peppers. There's never really a point in time where you don't find a green bell pepper in my refrigerator; I love the things. Christine, however, thinks they're gross and suggested I try a pablano. I picked out what I assumed was a decent looking one, figuring I'd find a use for it somewhere. So, there you go, Christine. You made me buy a pablano. My cashier was pretty cute but then I noticed her paper clip necklace and realized that she's probably in high school. C'est la vie.
Got back to the house and stowed my veggies in the fridge before heading to Target to make a supply run (on my day off) for linens before next week's cavalcade of clusterfuckery when Georgie is faced with thirty two check ins. I'm not looking forward to it either and I know that it's my day off and she would not do the same for me but I'm thinking of setting up my computer in the office next weekend and helping out. This is the first time we've ever been at capacity in my three years here, after all. At the same time, I'm thinking that I'll probably want to just enjoy my day off and not have to deal with it.
After the Target run was when I decided to get some recording done and now here I am, posting. Meh.

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