10 September, 2011

I'm late today because I was at the Kielbasa Festival.

Got up pretty late, had to work a double last night, and headed over to Aldi to buy a 3lb tube of hamburger. I dropped that off at the house and headed downtown to where my bank's ATM was. I'd never used my ATM before but I had a feeling that they wouldn't be taking debit cards at the festival. I pulled out forty beans and came back to the house. Along the way, I spied a phonograph player at a garage sale across the street and decided to check it out.
So I parked my bike and sauntered over across the street. It was a nice silver Technics model. I asked the guy what he was asking for it and he said twenty five.
Since I've been on summer pay, my new favorite phrase is, Let's do it, when informed on the price of an object. I repeated that phrase here.
I asked him if he had change for two twenties and he explained that they had just started up for the day. He asked his girlfriend if she had any change and she said she didn't so he said, "Yeah, I'll sell it to you for twenty." I didn't even have to haggle with him.
After that, I spent some time refining the color work on the piece to your left before going to the Kielbasa Festival at Kramarczuk's.
When I got there, I found that the band I wanted to see, Patty and the Buttons, had gone on a little earlier than the schedule had said, meaning I caught only about half their set. I dug it, it was that darker sort of New Orleans jazz, the dirtier kind, the kind that makes you want to say it in its original tongue, jass. There was a kind of sultry sleaze to it that you just can't find in the jazz music that came after the cool jazz and bebop eras (and I can't remember which of those came first, I haven't read Blues People since last summer).
Carson came by after their set was done and we caught a little of Finn Hall's (who were supposed to be the day opener) set before ducking out for a minute because Carson wanted to buy a hat. Somehow, this wound us up in an antique store.
Two straight men went antiquing together. I believe for the first time in the history of ever.
And then we went back to the festival so I could eat more sausage. I've never had such a gay afternoon. Bah-dum-TSH!
So how was the kielbasa? For some reason, I think it was better than last year's. In fact, the whole scene was better than last year's. The space was better coordinated, the lines were short, there was room to breathe. Granted, I went at two thirty in the afternoon but whatever. My only complaint? I would've liked more seating but I also get that it's supposed to be a festival. Also? This is so not a big deal but having something like cafeteria trays would help with carting your food from the serving table to your own. Thankfully I didn't drop anything despite each item coming in its own individual paperboard boat thingy (round one was a kielbasa and a thing of German potato salad) but I did watch a young lady drop her dessert while trying to handle three of the little paperboard boat thingies and her beer (I don't have much of a sweet tooth anymore so I don't really do dessert and, as such, didn't pay attention to that section of the menu but it looked like it would've been really good had it not landed on the asphalt). The seating thing? That's just because I'm naturally antisocial around strangers so that complaint can be skipped. The cafeteria trays? I vaguely recall them having those inside, they could surely spare some for outside. Not the world's largest gripe, just saying it'd be nice, that's all.
I have every intention of going back next year.

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