23 September, 2011

I think I've listened to this thing about twelve times today.

Say hello to your new favorite thing for the week: Amanda Geisel as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from The Venture Bros. singing the virtues of her beau to her Murderous Moppets to the tune of Rogers and Hammerstein's "Something Wonderful" from the King and I. At first listen, I thought Ms. Geisel (who primarily cosplays as Harley Quinn) yanked the audio from an episode of The Venture Bros. and was lip syncing, it was that good. But then I watched the credits and discovered that all the voices were done by some cat named Aaron Preacher, so this is a completely homegrown effort.
I came across this video this morning while trying to A) come up with a subject for today's piss off, B) locate the clip from Venture Bros. when Brock asks, "You got a problem with Zeppelin?" (The actual line is different. I should know because I did eventually find it.) and C) actually do my job.
Anyway, the tab has been open on my browser all day and I figured that if I opened it around breakfast and it's getting time for me to order dinner, it was probably time to just post it and continue on with my day.

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