28 September, 2011

I think I've fulfilled my hater quota for the day.

Well, because whoever uploaded it disabled embedding, all I can do is link you to a video of Phil Collen from Def Leppard getting his first tattoo. "Why?" You actually didn't ask. Because I want to address the following simple points:
  • At 0:16, Phil Collen says he wants to get his fiancée's name tattooed across his stomach.
    1. Relationships end, you know. That's why it's generally a pretty good idea to never get a tattoo of your sig-o's name.
    2. It's your finacée's name, not "Thug Life".
  • At 0:50, Phil Collen says, "We were on tour - Def Leppard were on tour..." Thanks for clarifying, Captain Obvious.
  • At 1:06, when Kat Von D turns into a total gigglepuss, I grew a little concerned. Now, I know that she's a trained professional and all but look: Lady, you are holding a vibrating ink-filled needle near flesh. Chill the fuck out, please.
  • At 1:10, when Helen explains that Phil just calls her up after like a day of knowing her and tells her she's his life partner? Really. If I got that call, I'd be a little freaked out. We've known each other for a day, I don't care if you're a rich, famous rock star, in the real world where people have bills and shit, you don't go around doing that sort of thing.
    Bear in mind that my reaction is based largely on being a hater.
  • At 1:16, Phil elaborates that he knew he'd been looking for her his entire life after one hour. OK, dawg. You have three kids. One from your first wife, one from a girlfriend, and one from another girlfriend. So, yeah, I guess I have to believe you; that's some considerable looking you've done.
  • At 1:39, Kat, we've talked about this. Please, you are handling a sharp object capable of permanently marking people, as in "for life". I'm sure you're aware of this as you are a tatted up tattoo parlor owner and operator. So, please, focus.
  • At 1:53, Hey! Gigglepuss! Concentrate or turn off the fucking needle!
  • At 1:59, Phil says, "I just realized what it actually represents; you know it's not just Helen's name..." Yeah, it's also you never having sex with anyone else ever again.

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