19 September, 2011

I kind of regret having not gotten into DC comics now.

Everybody say "hello" to your new favorite thing for the week: Cliff Chiang's May 2011 portrait of the women of DC comics as the Runaways, and notably Wonder Woman as Joan Jett there in the foreground. Now, because I was a Marvel kid, I can't tell you jack shit about the other ladies. After some cursory research, I found that Black Canary is playing Cherie Curie on vocals, Zatanna as - um, Zatanna on bass (I looked up the Runaways' bassists in Google image search and none of them rocked the Zatanna look, only adding to the confusion over which Runaway Zatanna would be is that there were five over the lifespan of the band), and Batgirl as Sandy West on drums.
I stumbled across this this morning during a bout of indigestion induced insomnia and was reminded of this contest Warren Ellis ran where he asked people on his forum (I think it's his forum, anyway, not sure and can't be arsed to do the research) to submit fictitious posters promoting Malcolm McLaren's Justice League. The one that I really dug (and I think was the winner but, again: arsed to research, I can't be) was Annie Wu's rendition:

Click to enlarge.
Too bad you don't get this kind of action with Marvel. But then, knowing how the X-Men were by the time the franchise turned thirty, they would've probably pulled some corny candy-assed shit like Fleetwood Mac.

Storm's mohawk notwithstanding.

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