30 September, 2011


I know I already closed this fucker down for the month and that this throws off the stats but fuck the stats. This is more important. So I'm in the middle of watching Whip It - we can talk about it later - when, at 54:36 I spy with my little eye the sticker for Evolotto, an awesome Bowling Green metal band. I was kind of friends with the original bass player Schmidt, even. And by "was kind of friends with" I mean "am not even sure he knew my name but he bought me beers and played billiards with me a couple times and then there was that one time we sort of got into it over Mr. Bungle so I'm not entirely sure that means that I was friends with". Anyhow, check it out:

ADDENDUM: Found out it was filmed in Ann Arbor, MI instead of actually being filmed in Austin, TX; kind of makes more sense. Oh, well, at least their sticker popped up in a movie.

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