14 September, 2011

Cool Video Alert!

The video to the right is of David Wm. Sims playing at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore, MD in August of of last year as unFact, his solo project for the past year and a half or so (the first mention of unFact I can find on his blog dates back 5 March, 2010, so one year, six months, one week, and two days ago).
At 08:25, Mr. Sims breaks out "Valentine", the bass-centric instrumental from The Jesus Lizard EP - you know the one: it was put out on some record label none of us had heard of before, it was the first (and, to my knowledge, only) Jesus Lizard record to not have a four letter title,* and it was way more experimental than anything they had done previously.

* RYM lists a second self-titled EP but this is a promo comp of songs from Goat, Lash, Liar, and Down put out by Touch & Go and more than likely not a title that the band picked (because, you know, I was totes in the room when the decision was being made).

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