20 August, 2011

This seriously just happened in the last three minutes.

Some weird bird - hot like Joan Jett albeit reeking of patchouli - just came up to the patio, took a seat at the table, and proceeded to ask me twenty questions about my job. In the end, she asked, "Who runs this place?"
I'm the manager.
"Who runs this place?"
I'm the manager.
"Oh! You're the manager! Well, like, who owns it? Because when I stayed here - years ago - it was a guy named Pete. Do you know Pete?"
I'm not at liberty to discuss the owners.
"Oh! Well, sorry to... alienate you." She got up and took off saying, "Jeez Louise..."
It was weird enough that I had to post about it because A) hot women that look like Joan Jett never approach me for conversational (or other) purposes and B) I posted a lame-assed post earlier today.

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