16 August, 2011

Remember when this used to be a music blog?

Remember last week's incident report with the two whiny, entitled homophobes? Yep. The Aryan made good on his promise to write a bad review about me. Not the hostel, me. Here's his hyperbolic, cry baby review:
I do not say this often or lightly, but this was honestly the worst expereince I ever had. The front desk worker, Charlie, was the rudest person I have ever encountered from someone when I was their customer. He was so rude that we actually decided not to stay there and were left stranded without a place to sleep. He questions my manhood to my face because I didnt want to sleep in the same small size bed with another man. DONT STAY HERE YOU WILL REGRET IT FOR SURE!! Go by Mall of America to stay
And here is my frank and factual rebuttal.
After you brought your initial complaint to the office and Charlie repeatedly tried to show you the few other options that were left (this being during the busiest season of the year), you and your traveling companion decided that you did not want to move to a near vacant dorm. Upon being informed that one of you taking the last bed left in the mixed gender dormitory would indeed cost extra, your reaction was incredulous and insulted. And your insistence that an extra bed be moved into the room (thus violating state fire and safety codes) was, we have to say it, silly and unreasonable.
Also, you weren't stranded. Upon realizing that there was no way he was going to satisfy you, Charlie asked you if you wanted to check out. Thus, the choice to leave was yours.
To be frank, when questioned about the incident, Charlie asserts that he did not question anyone's manhood. Upon the comment that you could not share the bed with another man, Charlie said that the bed is regularly occupied by couples and men comfortable with their masculinity. When you later backtracked to claim that the issue was merely the size of the bed, we knew you were lying; those beds regularly accommodate two people and nobody has ever claimed the bed was too small.
I almost wanted to end it with, "Thanks for playing."

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