11 August, 2011

Now I'm old enough to get who all those guest stars were.

I'm working a double today so get ready for fourteen hours of madness. At least I have the last few episodes of season two and all of season three left of The Adventures of Pete & Pete to keep me occupied.
I know, right? My biggest concern with what I do at work doesn't actually involve work.
But, because I sit around with no real ambition while on the clock and I've developed bad habits from sitting in front of two computers at the same time, I often Wikipedia a movie while I watch it. I don't know why I do this, I just do. With The Adventures of Pete & Pete, though, it helps when it comes to picking out the guest stars... Like everybody knows what Iggy looks like but when they get Debbie Harry or Kate Pierson in there? Well... honestly I could pick out Kate Pierson way before I could pick out Debbie Harry. She was in one episode of Flight of the Conchords for maybe ten? fifteen? seconds of screen time and I exclaimed to Georgie (this was when we were dating), Holy shit! It's Kate Pierson! (Those aren't 'yelling' exclamation points, those are 'oh, wow' exclamation points.)
Kate Pierson.
"Who's -"
From the B-52s.
"That's her?"
But for some reason, Debbie Harry has to be pointed out to me. I find her fetching and all that, yeah; she was the only reason I watched Videodrome but if nobody'd told me she was in the first season finale of Pete & Pete, I wouldn't have known it was her.
Speaking of musicians and bands and things, it's while I'm Wiki/watching Pete & Pete this week that I learn that Little Pete is the bassist/vocalist in his band, Jounce...
... and Big Pete was in the video for "Whose Authority" by Nada Surf.


  1. Whoa. Never realized Little Pete was the voice of Arnold on the Magic School Bus!


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