13 August, 2011

I'm late today because I was recording... and some other stuff.

I woke up this morning (dun deh-nun deh-nun) and set about my routine, taking my vitamins, getting the chicken out to thaw, going over the past forty eight hours of work with Georgie, heading over to the Rainbow for some bell peppers and pears.
After returning from Rainbow, the slow leak in my rear tire was starting to unnerve me. If it were the front tire, I would replace the inner tube myself but this is the rear and I don't want to fuck around with the gears and whatnots; I was prepared to take it to the bike shop and maybe pay for the labor. Carson told me last week to skip that and just buy a can of Fix-A-Flat.
Which is what I did. Let the following serve as a warning if you plan to go in that direction.
The directions on the fix a flat tell you to screw the hose on to your tire's valve and hit the button, not to release until the fluid is completely in the tire.
The car tire. The big one. Not the wee bike tire.
Almost instantly, the fluid and gas from the Fix-A-Flat inflated my tire and I had to cease the operation and disconnect the hose. This yielded big laughs as the fluid kept coming out of the hose, getting all over my hands in the process. Covered in consumer-grade rubber adhesive and with no alternative in the BP parking lot, I quickly rinsed the fluid from my hands in a puddle.
Realizing my tire was now deflated, I reattached the Fix-A-Flat and sprayed more in. Again, the tire is hard as a rock, so again I detach the hose and again my tire deflates and now the hose snaps off the can and explodes all over my right arm and I catch a bit in the face.
If you were ever curious as to what consumer-grade rubber adhesive tastes like, it tastes a bit like margarine.
After that, I spun the tire around and took it over to the air pump and filled it back up and headed back home to wash myself up.
I was planning on just posting about that but I realized there was nobody in the dorm above me for the first time in weeks and decided to get some recording done.
It was a simple job. A few weeks ago, I was dicking around, playing slide bass in Dropped-D, playing something, I figured out "Cure for Pain and kept playing around and then came up with a tune I liked. I thought about it for a minute and realized I'd never heard a song with slide guitar and slide bass, so why not come up with one? So I did it.
Guitar and bass in Dropped-D, played with slides. It came out pretty well. The bass sounds rickety and clangy and thick at the same time (considering I was playing chords on the bass). For the drums, I decided against programming big bashing fuck off cymbals and rode the toms instead. The result is a sort of protobluesgaragepunkstomp number. The drums need tweaking, just a few fills here and there for variety but the guitar and bass are fine; they gel together wonderfully and don't lack any impact even while sounding a little drunken and wobbly.
So, now? Now I'm sitting here telling you about it. Whoopity-doopity.

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