24 August, 2011

Eventually I bring up something musically related, just not right away.

We're an hour and a half into the morning and I'm only now getting to this because the office has been swamped; stack the Minnesota State Fair on top of the busiest travel month on top of the busiest travel season of the year, and you've got this packed just as tight as when the state government shut down closed all the parks this summer. Remember that? The first half of July. That was a hoot and a holler, wasn't it?
Possible captions include:
  1. Republicans: Ruining Elephants' Reputations Since the Assassination of Lincoln!
  2. Republicans: Against Increasing Revenue Yet Still Increased Our Revenue That One Time!
  3. Republicans: How People Can Vote For Them and Sleep at Night is Beyond Me!
  4. Republicans: The First Ones to Say They're Doing the Things They Do on Behalf of the People (According to Skewed Numbers from Flawed Polling Techniques) but the Thought of Actually Putting Actual People's Needs Before Their Own Interests Causes Them to Shit Blood!
You pick.
But now it is calming down and guests are beginning to leave and slowly and periodically come into the office to inform me that directly after extending their stay that they decided to change their plans even though they were completely aware of our no-refund policy. Now, I don't know about you, but if a decision is going to cost me fifty six dollars, I make damned sure my mind is made up that I leave it made up. Beside dealing with that, I have to deal with a flaming young man who got kicked out of a sober house last night for tweaking, seventeen linen sets to clean, three delinquent checkouts I have to hunt down and kick out, and the fact that not one of the enticing young Italian women in this house want anything to do with your friend and narrator.
And then of course, there's the never-ending string of idiots who forget to get the updated access code every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You know, the days we tell them it changes. By pointing out the large sign in Futura Bold on the door. Making it the last thing they see before exiting the building. And then they stand back there like troglodytes and think that if they jerk the door really hard and repeatedly, that it will open.
Do I have anything musically related? Or am I just going to sit here and bitch about my job?
Here, since I've been watching the Urotsukidoji movies lately (I started on the third one yesterday afternoon and it looks positively craptastic compared to the first two), let's all sit back and listen to a bass-centric instrumental from Testament (who I have a vague recollection of not liking) titled "Urotsukidoji" featuring samples of the Japanese dialog.
On one last work-related side note, a guest came into the office this morning sporting this t-shirt. I think I'm going to buy one of those, you know how I love my astro women.

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