25 August, 2011

Carnies! Carnies everywhere!

As sure as I am that having a substantial number of carnies coming into the house while a substantial number of nubile European camp counselors vacate the premises is fascinating for you, I really don't want to talk about work. Again.
I don't want to bring up how I called the plumber on Monday. And, when he didn't show up, I called him on Tuesday. And, when he didn't show up, I called him yesterday. And, since he didn't show up, I was going to call him today. Well, the cleaning lady came in and said the van out back was the plumber. The plumber just happened to be sitting in the back lot for about an hour making no attempt to call and tell me that the unmarked van in the back lot was his.
I figure, Whatever. Motherfucker makes two dozen people use the same shower for three days, he can sit in a van for an hour.
Oh! You came here for musically related content! That's right. Check out Marlene Webber covering the Everly Brothers' "Dream Dream" in the video to the right. I first brought Marlene (identified then as Merlene*) to your attention (if you hadn't already been paying attention) one thousand, one hundred fifty days ago when I treated you to her version of "Stand By Your Man".

* Really, with that you can Google either name and pull up comparable results has me thinking that there was probably a misprint on a couple record sleeves somewhere. After all, I discovered her via American Routes, an NPR program whose entire focus is researching obscure musics and they identified her as Merlene (listed next to last under "Hour One").

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