06 July, 2011

Sometimes, I just go through the motions. Like now.

I've got nothing this morning, mon petit illiterati. Actually, I have a house full of South Korean women. Two nights ago, one of them gave me a palm reading. Apparently, I'm going to have an accident pretty soon (not surprising considering I bike everywhere) but I'm also going to get married and make lots of babies, so at least my mom can shut up.

"No, you shut up and make some damned babies already!"
Otherwise, I've got nothing this morning, which is especially saddening after you consider yesterday's output. I mean, I was rocking that shit. Well, not really rocking, I just had a fuck of a gripe yesterday followed by a what-the-fuck moment followed by a strong urge to hear Ice-T say the words "I even got a bitch off Soul Train". (Because, really, who doesn't want a bitch off Soul Train?)
Getting back to that what-the-fuck moment, I think I figured it out. Contributing Author Adam's Ol' Lady Carissa penned this post.
I'll come back later when I find something musically related.

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