02 July, 2011

Made a batch of pear salsa to go with dinner tonight.

Got the recipe for a pear salsa from Bitchin' Camaro. The only tweaks I committed was that I used a can of green chiles (that I was never going to use unless I used it here and I'm not a big jalapeño guy anyway) and I used white onion instead of red. I was also intent on adding vodka - because fuck it - but I drank the vodka. Then I thought about using scotch but my mom talked me out of it...

"Because not everything needs to have scotch in it, Charlie."
I was already hesitant to use the scotch as it would have a distinctive, noticeable flavor that may have clashed with the other ingredients where as vodka is a more adaptive alcohol. Anyway, I took pictures. Because fuck you.



I trust you don't need to see what a can of green chiles or one of those little squeezy things of lime juice looks like.

The finished product. It's the bomb, B.

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