14 July, 2011

Looking at Another Double Shift

First of all, let me tell you that Google often works in mysterious ways. Which is why I now know that I will be watching the movie associated with the poster to the left at some point during today's fourteen hours of work. And by "work" I mean "waiting to jack off and die".
You know how I am, my little illiterati. You can't put something in something and expect me to not watch it. Remember when some beautiful goddamned genius put a werewolf in a girls' dormitory? Remember when some other sexy bastard went and put a werewolf in a got-dang women's prison? Now some crafty minxes are going and putting a dead hooker in a trunk. That's a surefire formula for success with me: You take something. You put it in something. Boom. Done. Sit back and watch the hundies burst in through the front door like Katrina.
That's right. I took it there. It's been six goddamned years, I'll take it there if I want.

Suck it, Mardi Gras.
Well, as a consolation, let me tell you how to make a simple cheese sauce for your broccoli. Why? Because you're a grown goddamned man, it's time you actually started eating broccoli without your mother's prompting. You got to get healthy.
Well, only half-healthy. You're still putting cheese on these little bastards.
Unfortunately, I decided against taking a snapshot of the finished product but this is stupid quick and easy and it's cheese. You shouldn't have too hard a time figuring out what it looks like: Yellow.
It's too simple, really. You take 1tbsp of butter, 2tbsp of cheddar, cubed, and if you want, a clove of garlic, crushed and minced. Toss these together into a small ramekin and then - What? Yeah, a ramekin. After that - Yes. A ramekin. A small ramekin. Fine, here. Research at your convenience.
Anyhow, place the ingredients in the small apparatus that your Philistine ass needed some schooling on in the microwave for thirty seconds. When you pull it out, give everything a quick stir with a fork and then pour over your broccoli. It's stupid simple.

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