28 July, 2011

Last Night's Dinner

Last night, because I got a wild hair up my ass in the middle of the week for no reason and because I was out of tortillas, I decided to go to Target to buy a pack of flour tortillas (Aldi's Casa Mamita brand is veering dangerously close to my done-zo list) and thought about how I have the fixings for tartar sauce, why not grab some fish while I'm there and make some fish tacos?
So I went to the frozen food aisle and spotted the tilapia fillets. However, to the right, for something like a dollar more, were flounder fillets. I figured, shit, I always make tilapia, let's get nuts.
On the left is a bowl of homemade tartar sauce, stupid simple. You mince together some baby dill and some onion, cover it in a bit of mayo, and stir in a teaspoon of mustard powder and a couple dashes of celery seed.
On the right is the ramekin I'd use for the lemon garlic butter. I don't know how to make lemon garlic butter and I'm not entirely certain it's even a thing but it sounds like some shit you'd put on fish. I minced two cloves of garlic and grated half a lemon into the ramekin, after which I threw in two tablespoons of butter and microwaved it for thirty seconds.
I heated some more butter in the pan (no, this shit is not healthy) and tossed in the fillets. I had a feeling I should have brushed the lemon garlic butter on but I didn't see where it would make a difference so I just poured it over the fish. I then realized that I was essentially frying fish in three tablespoons of butter.
Fuck it.
Each fillet also got four grinds of pepper and a couple of dashes of tarragon.
Yeah, my presentation sucks, whatever.
I ultimately decided against the whole fish taco thing, considering I had no lettuce or salsa. I don't usually buy lettuce because I can never eat it all before it starts to wilt.
One fillet was OK while the other stuck to the pan a little.
Remember when this used to be a music blog?

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