23 July, 2011

I'm late today because I was doing a bunch of other shit.

For the first time in years, I woke up at noon.
I went to bed at 0330 this morning and awoke at 1000 or so, then went back to sleep because I was having this awesome nightmare with Sara Rue in it from when Sara Rue still had some goddamned meat on her bones.
After I got out of the shower, I set about making some breakfast tapas: scrambled eggs and fried corn tortillas with a slice of the banana bread I made last weekend.
As 0200 came in to presence, I decided I ought to go about grocery shopping and hopped on the bike to go to Aldi. I stopped about a quarter of the way across the foot bridge across 35W and realized I did not want to go Aldi at 0200; it was bound to be a madhouse. I turned around and went to Rainbow instead. I hadn't been there in a while and all I needed was a pound of hamburger anyhow.
At Rainbow, I picked up the pound of hamburger and a half pound of pork cutlet things. I was never a fan of pork as a kid (though my parents insist that I always was) but I hadn't had it in years. Then Little John, last he was out here, made an excellent pork roast thingamabob and I decided I would try my hand at making a pork dish; perhaps it was just the way my parents made it - always made it - that I wasn't a fan of. I also picked up two D'Anjou pears. Because I like pears. Kind of simple.
I then took about an hour out here on the patio to do some revision work to the long-form piece I'm writing. Trimming a lot of fat, still trying to get it down under two hundred sixty eight pages. It's become a trivial, obsessive goal of mine to get the damned thing under two hundred and sixty eight. That's even after I got it down from two hundred eighty one.
There are guests in the dorm above my room again this weekend, meaning I got no recording done but I did call Tiger Gang Tony to see about practicing. We still hadn't come up with any songs yet and the stuff I was trying to write on my own was pretty hackneyed and generic.
I got there and Tony and I fucked around for about two and a half hours and came up with two songs. The first one is a slow, sludgy number that is good but needs work; at least a third part to transition from the chorus to the verse and a solid ending. The second song is a pretty solid jangly post-punk number that I'd call finished as is. Tony says he'll see about procuring a drummer for the next practice.
And now I'm home. Whoopity doopity.

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