02 July, 2011

I'm late today because I was doing a bunch of shit again.

Woke up at 0800CDT. Then I woke up for real at 0944CDT. Yep, I was up until two thirty in the morning for no reason other than wanting to finish the twelver in the fridge. So, where did this clanger of a hangover rate?
While in the throes of said hangover, I had to listen to some German lose his nut over Starbucks while I made breakfast. Apparently, Starbucks is the greatest invention since the pocket watch. I was not aware.
I then made way to the bank to pull out two hundy in cash, for today I was buying a bike. I found a few on Craigslist, including the one I bought, a dark red ten-speed Takara. It's got a foreign name, so you know that means it's good. The guy was asking one forty five for it so I sent him an email and left to go grocery shopping.
Got back home and started recording bass for that one I told you about about a week ago. The bass line, major and minor dyads, was easy as shit but I still didn't like the guitar part. So, while fucking around, I'm not even sure I was trying to come up with the part, I stumbled across a simple little melody on the B and E strings.
For a while, when I was still programming the drums, I was using a Rhodes simulator to mark the parts. I liked the sound of the tremolo, so I engaged the tremolo on the Da Vinci and then, just to muck things up, set the ring modulator to a slow pulse and ran the guitar through that into the Traynor, so I had two different modulations going on. The end result was, as you can possibly guess, fluttery.
It was right about then that homeboy called up and said he could bring the bike over in twenty minutes. I said cool and went back to recording the guitar part.
I still didn't have a guitar part for the chorus though. It was while I was waiting for the guy that I thought, You know, what about backward guitar? I haven't done that one in a while.
The guy came buy and I gave him one sixty - I insisted. He did deliver the bike after, all. He gave me eleven bucks back because that's all he had on him in cash. I was cool with that. I still kind of wanted to tip the guy but it's not like he was delivering a pizza so I guess you don't tip the guy who delivers your bike. I didn't know that.
I then came back inside and put down the backward guitar part for the chorus. All in all, the end result sounds like a meaner Portishead.
After hitting ctrl-S and alt-F4, I got on the bike and headed over to Flanders Brothers to get a U-Lock. You may remember that when my bike got jacked, the thief left the lock, a flimsy chain thing, on the post. Well, fuck me once, shame on you. Fuck me twice, shame on me. This is the first bike I ever paid money for, and I damn sure wasn't going to have it stolen.
The U-Locks at Flanders Brothers were forty bucks, which was awesome: I had pulled out exactly the amount of money I needed today. It was funny, though: The guy showed me the large U-Lock for forty and the small U-Lock for wait for it forty. So I picked the one that was forty. You know, the large one. And now, at nearly 1600CDT, I have to run out and get some beer and I also have to give Tiger Gang Tony a ring.

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