09 July, 2011

I'm late today because I was dicking off.

I didn't really accomplish much recording, today, for two equally important reasons. Firstly, there's a guest in the dorm above my room which prevents me from really letting the amps fly. Secondly, I don't have a song to record, anyhow.
I did hop on the Takara and go grocery shopping; I was out of onions and garlic and I did practice a little bit at low volume. But no recording. I haven't even opened the sessions to do any mixing or anything. Lately, I've been hung up on revising a draft of a novel-length fiction piece I've been working on.
Speaking of writing, as of Wednesday, I'm an official card-carrying member of the Minneapolis Writers' Workshop. So, for two hours every Wednesday night, I get to hear people read and in turn read to them. The critiques are helpful and it gets me out of the house and gives me an excuse to drink gin & tonics on a school night.
Today, though, no recording. I should probably get around to listening to a record I have to review but I want to sit out here on the patio while the weather holds out.

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