16 July, 2011

I'm late today because I got caught up in some other stuff I had to do.

Woke up this morning (dun deh-nun deh-nun) and set about fixing breakfast (dun deh-nun deh-nun); still trying to master the Julia Child method of making omelettes. Still can't get it. It's seriously harder than it looks. Or at least I'm doing something wrong.
Afterward, I practiced a bit but didn't record anything; I just needed to blow off some steam while my tummy rested before climbing on my bike and heading to Target for a few groceries. I wasn't in the mood to deal with the super long lines at Aldi and I just needed a few things anyhow, like baking soda for the banana bread I'll be making either today or tomorrow - we'll see how much I'm in the mood to bake something with this heat. It's always worth the effort but damn if I don't want to spend any amount of time inside this weekend; I spend enough time inside during the winter.
On my way back through downtown, I passed by a music festival. On end (10th and Nicollet) was a sort of Pops ensemble - you know, basically a smallish orchestra with a drum kit. On the other end (11th and Nicollet) was one of those smooth jazz bands - bass, drums, keys, sax - made up of high school kids. I was actually surprised by their age; I wasn't aware kids that young were into shit like that. In the park outside of orchestra hall was a Latin jazz band absolutely tearing shit up. I stayed and watched about two minutes of that before I remembered I had cheese in my bag that I didn't want getting sweaty.
I came home and put my groceries away, and that's when Tiger Gang Tony called me up and asked if I was down for making some noise or going to The Totally Gross National Party today. I told him to send me a link and I would check it out. I checked it out. I think I'll pass. One of the bands is called Spyder Baybie Raw Dog. I will not see this band. However, I'll probably take Tony up on his offer to go make some noise at his place later on.
From there, I headed down to Encore Music to pick up a new DPDT on/on/on switch for the Jaguar. The on/off/on switch was giving me some trouble last week and I was not looking forward to fucking around with it until it died (yes, switches can die). Beside that, I missed being able to play through both pickups at the same time.
When I got to Encore, I asked the guy behind the counter if he had any DPDT on/on/on switches. He said, "I don't have anything like that. I'd try RadioShack."
I said, man, I do not want to deal with RadioShack. (There's one downtown and I had a bad - read "nonexistent" - customer service experience there.) I then explained that all I needed was a three way toggle for a pickup selector. Another blank look.
The other customer asked, "Do you have three pickups?"
No, just neck/both/bridge. Like a Telecaster.
The guy behind the counter said, "Oh, well I have this..." and dug around in a pile producing exactly the switch I needed.
I said, That's it.
"Well, I wouldn't put that in a cavity for a blade switch. That's more for a Les Paul."
I told the guy that, no, this was exactly the right part I was looking for, I was just using a Telecaster's pickup selection as an example.
How much?
"Ten dollars."
Cool. I peeled off a five and five ones and thanked him and headed back here and, after being pulled into managerial duty because some old twat of a New England longshoreman circa 1922 was giving Georgie a rash of shit about - I don't know - everything and nearly kicking his ass to the curb, I installed the new switch. It was a five minute job if only because I had to let the soldering iron heat up.
I can't believe how much I was missing out on using both pickups. I love the clarity and brightness of the bridge and I still have that but now with plenty of low end growl and heft from the neck. I mucked around with the new configuration for about five or ten minutes before heading back out to the liquor store. Tomorrow's Sunday. Have to stock up.

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