26 July, 2011

I think I can avoid our usual Tuesday trap.

Oh, shit. Check it out: Somebody made a sight called Unhear It. All it does is just play catchy, sometimes catchy and horrible, songs to flush the song you have in your head out... by, unfortunately, replacing it with another. Like "Spanish Flea".
Believe me, there's a wide range of stuff that they have. I clicked "Next Song" a couple times to get past "Baby Don't Hurt Me" and "I'm Too Sexy" before I at least wound up at a remix of Daft Punk's "Derezzed".
You know, the theme from Tron: Legacy.
Well, considering that we just got our Obligatory Musically Related Content and Obligatory Tron Content out of the way, we can move right on to our Obligatory Look-Guys-Cooking-Is-Not-That-Hard Content as well as our Obligatory Milf Content and watch Nigella Lawson make some chicken and ribs.

My fucking brain just stuttered while trying to come up with the appropriate "rack of ribs" joke.
When it comes to our Obligatory Yes-We-Know-Already Content, look no further than Chris Hedges' "American Psychosis" article from Adbusters. A snippet?
The decline of American empire began long ago before the current economic meltdown or the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It began before the first Gulf War or Ronald Reagan. It began when we shifted, in the words of Harvard historian Charles Maier, from an “empire of production” to an “empire of consumption.” By the end of the Vietnam War, when the costs of the war ate away at Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and domestic oil production began its steady, inexorable decline, we saw our country transformed from one that primarily produced to one that primarily consumed. We started borrowing to maintain a level of consumption as well as an empire we could no longer afford. We began to use force, especially in the Middle East, to feed our insatiable thirst for cheap oil. We substituted the illusion of growth and prosperity for real growth and prosperity. The bill is now due. America’s most dangerous enemies are not Islamic radicals but those who sold us the perverted ideology of free-market capitalism and globalization. They have dynamited the very foundations of our society. In the 17th century these speculators would have been hung. Today they run the government and consume billions in taxpayer subsidies.
Speaking of government stuff, let's take a look at a pornographic parody of a parody of a part of our judicial system with our - NSFW - Obligatory Reno 911 Content - NSFW - which I would embed but there's a nip slip... which differs from our Obligatory Self-Referential Content in reality threshold. Drawn titties are art, real titties are porn. I didn't make the rules, that's just how the world is.
Speaking of how the world is, yeah... The shuttle program. Kind of took it for granted while it was around and now I kind of miss it. Now, though, thanks to our Obligatory Space Program Content, I can go inside the shuttle.

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