07 July, 2011

I like it when I say "Dead Motown Pederast".

OK, in the first eight seconds of this video, did I seriously just watch a dancing cereal square do "Billie Jean"? Further, is US Copyright law so fucked up that I can't find "Billie Jean" on YouTube but instead must find it in the lawless expanse of Metacafe?
You know, how much more money can Michael make? A) He's dead. B) He's already made all the money. I mean literally all the money. There is no more money because he has it all. C) He was a pederast. That has nothing to do with him making money, I just wanted to remind you. D) Everybody already knows the song and the classic video, so why can't they just show it to us?
So you know where I have to go for my dead motown pederast fix? A fucking cereal commercial.

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