31 July, 2011

How do we end July?

This month had 45 posts, including this one, resulting in 1.45 posts per day. So, how did we spend this month of two week state government shutdowns, recording when I could, biking everywhere, joining a writers' workshop, getting a mohawk, trying to torture you with Rebecca Black, watching slasher flicks, seeing Harvey Milk, practically turning this into a cooking blog, trying to start a band with Tiger Gang Tony, and having a woman strike out with me for a change?
Number of posts: 45
Posts per day: 1.45
Number of posts that were musically related: 20 (44% of total, roughly about once every 38 hours)
Number of musically related posts that were about recording: 1 (2% of total, and I did it once)
On average, without really looking it up, the number of people in the dorm above my quarters thus preventing me from recording: 2-3.
Likelihood that the two songs I have recorded will be released as a single: High.
Task left to complete said songs: Record vocals.
Longest post: "I bet you were wondering if this disease had a name." (1,915 words)
Specific word I'm particularly proud of: Skinnybitchitis.
Shortest post: "Three more I drew at the bar." (0 words)
Is it really a post without words? Yes. (Ask the majority of tumblr account holders.)
Notable exception to the crappy tumblr rule: Scrapbooker, who you should really check out if you haven't already.
How much I really want to type this post right now: Not a whole fuck of a lot.
Reasons for that:
  1. It's Sunday.
  2. It's 92°F (33°C) right now and I'm on the patio.
  3. Carson's supposed to call me shortly about going to the Red Stag Block Party this evening.
Song I heard today that I recall was a running inside joke between me and somebody else:

Please contact me if we used to sing this song together ad nauseum.

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